dentsu X Singapore win Silver in Best Use of Guerrilla Marketing at AdFest 2019

The dentsu X Singapore team are delighted to have won Silver in the ‘Best Use of Guerrilla Marketing’ category at AdFest 2019 for their work on iJack for Huawei.

On collecting the award, João Flores, Executive Creative Director and Head of Creative at dentsu X commented; “it was a privilege to win silver in the most prestigious Festival in Asia. With such a tough and world-class competition, we should all celebrate, from a brave client to an agency always to provide experiences beyond exposure. But tomorrow, we’ll need to push harder and we’ll start asking: “Where’s the gold?”

The dentsu X team worked with Huawei to deliver power to people queuing outside the Apple store in Singapore at the launch of their new iPhone. People started queuing 24 hours ahead of the release of the phone, and the team capitalized on the opportunity the captive audience provided with a gesture that would resonate well with them: Delivering Huawei branded power banks to help people charge their devices to help them pass the time.

“Here’s a power bank. You’ll need it. Courtesy of Huawei.”

It delivered impressive results and made global news within 48 hours; ultimately having a direct impact in Singapore Huawei market share, that increased by 775% from August 2017 to November 2018:

  • $0 Invested in Media
  • $14.1k Total Investment
  • 41 Countries Reached
  • 5.26 Billion Media Impressions
  • 341k Social Media Shares
  • 11.9 Million Views
  • $395 Million USD in Earn Media

Find out more in the video below: