Experience Beyond Exposure

In a consumer demand–led world like ours, it is vital for brands to constantly attract, acquire, convert and most crucially, retain customers with new, innovative ideas.

While it is important to build equity between brands and people through fresh and exciting executions, it is more crucial to create relevant and meaningful experiences that exceed consumer expectations. This way, your brand can effectively cut through the advertising clutter.


Our Values

Here at dentsu X, we believe in the importance of understanding our consumers beyond desk-bound knowledge. And when we design experiences to work with, rather than against human nature, we are creating experiences that win.

With our expertise in data, technology and informed creativity, we create nothing but the best kind of content for brands like yours.

Our Model


With client teams made up of Producer and Experience Designer and our X5 operation model, we provide you with a borderless business solution fueled by groundbreaking creativity:


  • People and Data
    Understanding the value of experience
  • Media Program
    Building media delivery
  • Digital System
    Removing friction from experience
  • Business Performance
    Optimising the impact of experience
  • Content and Partnership
    Create new experiences
  • Informed Ideas
    Creativity fueled by DBA, capitalised on X5 functions


Leadership Team

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