A brief for TMRRW – Mitsuyuki Nakamura, Global President, presents at ADFEST 2019.

TMRRW BIZ SCHOOL, ADFEST’s recently launched creative business school for marketers, welcomed Mitsuyuki Nakamura, Global President of dentsu X and Chair of this year’s eCommerce Lotus & Media Lotus to the podium on the last day of the program. Mike, an accomplished all-rounder in media, content, creative, and innovation, shared his wisdom on “A Brief for Tomorrow” to build forward-looking partnerships with agencies, “because today’s briefs just don’t deliver the experiences, the insight or business growth.”

“All agencies involved can move forward together on the business solution”

Regarding his motive for creating a new way of briefing, Mike said he felt urged to reinvent the process using a simpler way of working, because it’s never about separate processes but an integrated process across media, PR, creative, social and search in which “we ask different questions, use better tools, and create integrated solutions…” We created MAP (Motivation & Attention Planning) to deliver the answers and solutions. For the brief, “MAP’s single integrated design aligns all agencies involved and clarifies four issues; business obstacle, consumer opportunity, objective, and design direction/creative inspiration – which means all agencies can move forward together on the business solution,” he explained.

“We don’t start with behavior, but motivations”

During the session, he stressed the importance of understanding consumers’ deeper insight and that he had to come up with a different way of creating it for the brief. Whereas most briefs start with a profile on which needs are based, with MAP, needs are based on factors of attention and motivation in a consumer’s life, which can then be used to build a profile.

Three ways to brief for tomorrow.

Mike ended his session with three key pointers on how to brief for tomorrow and help marketers navigate the complexity of the digital world.

Empower marketing and your agencies to solve business issues: Help them leverage data to diagnose the real business challenge, not just looking at the metrics. Empower them to look outside the category at a higher level as well as to look inside the client organization.
Empower marketing and your agencies to solve the real consumer issue: Identify the motivation before you profile and address the motivation not just as a person and behavior but as something that is real and crucial for their lives, and which can make the world a better place.
Empower your specialist agencies to work together: Unite them through a single brief with aligned design direction. And, let the agencies create connected experiences, not simply separated exposures.